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My poetry

I am a writer in many forms. I've been a journalist for nearly 18 years, and I have been known to write the occasional poem and or blog. I hope, at some point, to get more consistent with my creative writing. Here are some of my poems:

Confrontation With Guilt
(Fall 2002)

Maybe it's true, I am at fault
when a chore gets left undone
What right have I to ask for more
than duty and obligation

Thoughts as these set the stage
for enslavement caused by guilt
Upon this manner of self abuse
a form of oppression is built

So, demon of guilt, my foe
let us have a confrontation
I challenge you this final day
for control of my destination

Far too long you have prevailed
as I let you infect my mind
With distracting accusations
leaving my fate behind

Unable to fill its purpose
and miserably detained
As age-old bonds of tradition
and methods are explained

You tease that progress does mean change
as I'm forced to remain the same
And those in power assure me
I have only myself to blame

For not accepting a modest life
since the world belongs to few
You taunt, the future is theirs as well
and there's nothing I can do

You boast that I am not allowed
to share in a profound task
My role is to be menial
just why, I'm compelled to ask

Days of hunting and gathering are over
new times have afforded great ease
Survival's no longer so basic
why force me to stay on my knees

Don't get me wrong, please understand
I love being mother and wife
But see this too, in all I do
there's more for me in life

You claim time proves that you are right
so why press on in vain
Why should I seek remarkable fate
instead of the mundane

You insist I be realistic
be 'normal,' but what for
I want to achieve my purpose
be bold, try hard, do more

You think my efforts are futile
but I don't dare settle for less
Than all my dreams can offer
in what my hopes possess

To just ignore them would be untrue
to my nature, faith and design
Inferior demon, surely you see
I must offer what is mine

For whatever aid that it can serve
to a world needing rules to change
To do anything I am able
to expand horizon and range

So this, my sad little fellow
is clearly the way it must be
For you, old friend are mistaken
dreams will not go wasted by me
By Vicky O. Misa


(May 2015 — written in honor of a loved one's battle)

Here I sit with pasted grin

sickened by the shape I'm in

Wanting answers, finding none

Hiding me from everyone

Scared to show my brokenness

They would laugh at such a mess

Stuck alone in agony

This is all I'll ever be

Heavy heart and pretend smile

Faking joy, when all the while

blinding pain hits every day

never seems to go away

Dreading every tiny breath

Certain of impending death

Trying any way that numbs

Seeking rest that never comes

Life unravels as I sit

and I'm thinking, "This is it."

Face to face I see my dread

It's here. I'm already dead.

Problem is my hardened heart

My fear of being torn apart

As I fought it like I planned

It seeped through and made a stand

Taunting me so very well

My own walls became my cell

I've come short left on my own

I have surely made that known

One way out of this disaster

Have to find a better master

One I hear them talk about

Seems too good, without a doubt

Must be something to it though

Nagging feeling won't let go

Time has come; it's sink or swim

I'm going to have to trust in Him

Problem is, I must confess

It's hard to give up my mess

Pry myself from my own grip

Lay me down to His Lordship

That's the cost for each of us

The way to life is through Jesus.

By Vicky O. Misa

You Won't Let Me Go

(September 2014)

Took some time to understand

How You've always held my hand

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

Couldn't see You lead me through

When my heart would break in two

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

As I've struggled day by day

You would wipe my tears away

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

During sorrow, sickness, death

You'd add hope to every breath

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

When I'd cry out, "Are You there?"

Tenderly, You'd hear my prayer

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

Loyal, faithful from the start

Always willing on Your part

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

Feeble hearts can't comprehend

The nature of the Love You send

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

Merciful, You gave it all

Just in case I'd hear the call

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

When You crushed the enemy

You gave me the victory

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

You won't fail me, this I know

'cause You've shown You love me so

Because You won't let me go

You don't ever let me go

By Vicky O. Misa

Tear Down Your Idols

(September 2014)

In My place in days of old,

rested statues, dead and cold

Fancy, shiny, costly ill

changes, but distracts you still

Take a healthy look around

Your feet fall down on shaky ground

Or easily a Pharisee

pulling you away from Me

Zoning in on one thing true

But, in time, it swallows you

I'm the One who gives you life

others lead to pain and strife

Perfect, you will never be

'til you learn to cling to Me.

By Vicky O. Misa


(September 2014)

In a moment, in a flash

All you have can turn to trash

You can't stop the fatal crash

when all becomes a pile of ash

And the walls come down; the walls crash down

Thought impressive, ten feet tall

You were sure you had it all

Certain it would never fall

But other forces made you small

And the walls come down; the walls fall down

Don't know how to stop the ache

Sure you've had all you can take

You think there's nothing left to break

Nothing's spared within its wake

And the walls come down; the walls break down

Beyond my world I couldn't see

Jesus Christ died on a tree

Gave it all to set us free

He paid the price for you and me

And the walls come down; my walls come down.

By Vicky O. Misa

How Did You Do It?

(November 2014)

Lord, how did You do it?

It was so unfair

You gave up where You sit

For a cross to bear

Lived life that did not fit

All so You could share

A love we could not get

That's how much You care

You saved us from the pit

You don't want us there

And now the world is lit

By all those who dare

to trade a mighty debt

for a crown to wear.

By Vicky O. Misa

You and me

(May 2015)

You set me free

You took my place

You bear my pain

You touch my face

You see my hurt

You drink my cup

You ease my mind

You build me up

You change my course

You wash me new

You keep me safe

You move me through

You lead me straight

You seek me best

You call me friend

You let me rest

You show me love

You get my stress

You forge my way

You fix my mess

You hold me close

You calm my fears

You mend my ache

You dry my tears

You watch me grow

You fill my lack

You guard my life

You have my back

You spur me on

You plead my case

You blot my past

You teach me grace

You end my doubt

You life me high

You fail me not

You know my cry

You steer my path

You draw me near

You count my hair

You hold me dear

You soothe my soul

You do me right

You give me hope

You clear my sight

You prop my head

You bid me come

You stir my feet

You pull me home.

By Vicky O. Misa

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