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Vicky O. Misa, writer and artist

As an alumna of my hometown's longstanding college, Oklahoma Baptist University, I graduated in 2006 (on my birthday) with a Bachelor's degree in journalism and a minor in art.

I have spent more than 17 years working professionally in print journalism.

Also, I have always loved art in just about every form there is, and find it very soothing to my soul when I get to work on a project.

Whether it's reporting for the newspaper — a field I've been in for nearly two decades — or creative writing, drawing or painting, as well as some sculpture, I enjoy the very act of creating and expressing myself with words, shapes and colors.

I have been with my husband for more than 30 years, and we have four grown children and two grandchildren now.

Outside of Jesus, they are my world.

I hope my work leaves a smile on your face and/or inspires you to do something of your own. Everyone has something to express as a way to connect to others. I encourage you to find that thing you do like no one else can and share it with the world.

God created you for a purpose; get to it.

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