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My art work

I have loved art all my life. If my nose wasn't deep in the creases of a book, you can bet I was drawing or doodling all the time. For me, it's the hands-on experience of putting down on paper an expression of myself — whether it's in my writing or my drawing or painting. It's like therapy to me — my happy place where I feel most like my genuine self. I hope you like what you see, but if you don't, that okay. Every artist has a crowd that relates to his or her work, while others gravitate to what they prefer. It's a win-win for all of us. Find what speaks to you and enjoy it.

OBU Bison newspaper flag oil on canvas 2
plants on a ladder.JPG
Cass cow.jpg
for fun Lois and Iron Giant.jpg
stained glass squirrel for dad.jpg
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