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Technology and People

By Vicky O. Misa

(First published July, 14, 2010)

While trying to figure out how my new blog site works, I am reminded of how much like a dinosaur I feel when dealing with new technology. I have a hard time accepting new things (I’m quite comfortable sticking with what I know well), but I’m stubborn and curious enough to keep trying to get a handle on it. But with each new techie item that comes out I see myself spending more time typing away and less time talking to someone.

Though it is fascinating to see and use these cool new things we have out now, it is more than a little disheartening to me because I feel like people are drifting farther away from personal contact.

I may feel the urge to ‘keep up’ with the latest technology, but I need to remember to temper it with some ‘old school’ traditions. (Like hand writing and mailing letters and thank you cards along with my usual e-mail conversations, and being sure to routinely schedule face-to-face activities with Facebook friends I chat with.)

It seems that we are on the verge of becoming completely isolated from all human interaction. And for people that struggle with relationship issues (which applies to most of us), this is obviously the easiest route to functioning in society without having to address or work through said issues. This is very dangerous ground. (The easy road typically is.) We have become very good at avoiding the ‘elephants in the room’ with all our nifty techie tools. Perhaps too good. Some people may live out their entire lives without ever having a single meaningful relationship with anyone thanks to our society’s latest level of ‘progress’.

Bottom line: Life is hard. Burying heads in the sand doesn’t resolve that. In fact, it just prolongs suffering through those problems (and often escalates their seriousness) and leaves sand in uncomfortable places.

We have to challenge each other to choose the harder (more rewarding) road every day. No doubt, it will hurt; you will cry; your heart will get broken; you will be vulnerable at times; you will be forced to face and deal with faults and weaknesses that you would much rather avoid. But what is life really worth when you’re using it up cramped in a tiny room with elephants? I’d rather get out where there’s room to breathe and fight to reach my potential surrounded by the people that God put me here to achieve it with.

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